Pro-2A: March on Albany May 21st. Repeal the UnSAFE Act now!!! (updated-Bus info)Pro-2A: March on Albany May 21st. Repeal the UnSAFE Act now!!! (updated-Bus info)

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Wed, Feb 27, 2013 – 6:30pm – Chaut County Legislature Meeting, Mayville.

Be there. / Contact your Legislators here.

Demand they pass resolution objecting to and calling for repeal of NY SAFE Act !

County map

Now 28 Counties say NO to NY SAFE Act, with resolutions pending in 22 more.!

Counties that have PASSED Resolutions to Oppose the SAFE Act: Cattaraugus, Erie, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, Livingston, Madison, Niagara, Oneida, Orange, Orleans, Oswego, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Schoharie, St Lawrence, Schoharie, Steuben, Tioga, Ulster, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates.
Get the most updated information on County Resolutions opposing the SAFE Act, those pending, and check out the map  here: NY SAFE Resolutions





REPEAL CUOMO GUN LAWS / Sign Assemblyman DiPietro’s Petition

SIGN ASSEMBLYMAN KATZ’S PETITION TO Protect our Second Amendment Rights and Proper Legislative Procedure


Keep The Date Open ~FEB 28, 2013~ Albany ~ Join Us

NYSRPANew York State Rifle & Pistol Association

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Lobby Day and Rally

Click Here For More Information!

More supporters: RSVP and info here, on Facebook. There a few seats left on the 2A Coalition of WNY’s bus — email Ashleigh at 2ACoalition@gmail.com or call (716)539-9092.  Alternately, contact SCOPE.  OR Click below \/

Feb 28, 2013 – Albany – Lobby Day & Rally for our 2A Rights! Protest the NY SAFE bad Act. – Info.Feb 28, 2013 – Albany – Lobby Day & Rally for our 2A Rights! Protest the NY SAFE bad Act. – Info.

see bottom of post for individual counties, contacts, buses, ect. KEEP THE DATE OPEN FEBRUARY 28, 2013 Click Here For More Information! February 28th  NYSPRA 5th Annual Lobby Day & Rally Thursday, February 28 from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The Well of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). FEB 28TH ALBANY!! UNITE FOR OUR RIGHTS! SCOPE is … Continue reading »

Sat., Feb 23rd – National Day of Resistance in defense of our 2A Rights!


PRO-2A Rally Set For Sat., Chaut County, Frewsburg, NY!

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  • Saturday, February 23, 2013 Noon-4:00 PM
  • Frewsburg Blue Building, Station 2, Hazzard ST, Frewsburg, NY(map)
  • A gun appreciation rally will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday in the Frewsburg Blue Building, Station 2, Hazzard Street, Frewsburg. Guest speakers will include Andrew Goodell, New York state assemblyman; Jacqueline Chiarot, for U.S. Congressman Tom Reed; New York State Sen. Cathy Young’s representative; and Stephen Aldstadt of S.C.O.P.E. Inc. Tables will feature Rod and Gun clubs, Shooting groups, Veterans groups, Trapping organizations and Political action groups.


Feb 28th The NYS Rifle-Pistol Association Lobby Day and Rally in Albany, be there!

Sign these NY Petitions in defense of our 2nd Amendment Rights!

Read up on, and support the, lawsuits against the SAFE Act!

Read up on the dozens of County Legislatures resolutions demanding repeal, and urge ours to do the same!


by Jorge Amselle “No other group would put up with this type of treatment”

NY Report: Prosecutors to pursue felony charges against ex-soldier  for possessing high-capacity magazine (No weapons, no ammunition, no threats or crime, just empty magazines to potentially turn a person into a felon facing years in prison? Outrageous!)

Politics | Patrick Howley
Nathan-HaddadNew York prosecutors will pursue felony criminal charges against  retired special forces soldier Nathan Haddad, who was arrested in LeRay, New  York in January for allegedly possessing five 30-round AR-15 magazines,  according to conservative law blog Legal Insurrection.

Prosecutors had reportedly offered Haddad a plea bargain that would spare him  jail time if he admitted to five misdemeanors, according to Legal Insurrection.  But Haddad’s attorney told the blog that Haddad, who currently works at the  Department of Defense, will not accept the deal.

Haddad was deployed four times during his ten-year Army career, and was  once injured during special forces training in South Korea. He was  discharged in October 2010.

A website established to pay Haddad’s legal expenses has  collected more than $35,000.

In January, “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory displayed a  high-capacity magazine live on television, despite a warning from local police. But  prosecutors in Washington, D.C. — where, unlike New York, the offense is merely  a misdemeanor — declined to press charges. (RELATED  OPINION: Apparently, gun laws don’t apply to David Gregory)

Nathan is a decorated soldier who has been recognized for his community service in helping other veterans.  (More on Haddad here.)

Jamestown Resident Raising Funds For Brother’s Defense

February 15, 2013 By Eric Tichy (etichy@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

A decorated combat veteran and Chautauqua County native has made national headlines after being arrested a month ago for possessing empty 30-round magazines. His brother is now lending a hand.

The arrest and subsequent charges come after New York state recently placed further limits on the number of bullets held in a magazine.

Nathan Haddad is facing five felony counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon for the Jan. 6 arrest in LeRay by sheriff’s deputies. No weapons or ammunition were found in his vehicle, police said. The former combat veteran has a court appearance Wednesday in Jefferson County.

His brother, Michael Haddad, of Jamestown, is spearheading efforts to get those charges reduced. Through an online blog – gofundme .com – Michael has raised more than $38,000 for his brother’s counsel.

“When I found out he was arrested, it wasn’t about whether he committed a crime or not,” Michael Haddad told The Post-Journal. “The main thing for me was to get those charges reduced.

“My whole purpose is to make sure my brother has adequate funds to fight this thing. This isn’t about creating a debate about guns or the law. It’s about helping a disabled veteran.”

Nathan Haddad was a 12-year combat veteran in the U.S. Army before receiving a medical discharge in 2010. Michael Haddad also served in the Army.

Police said his possession of the Colt Manufacturing AR-15 rifle-style magazines violates current state law, passed in 1994, which limits the number of bullets in a magazine to 10. According to a police report from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Nathan Haddad was found in possession of the 30-round magazines by deputies at 5:41 p.m. on Steinhilber Road in LeRay.

Michael Haddad said he does not know what his brother was doing with the magazines at the time of his arrest.

The New York SAFE Act, which was recently signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and further limits magazines to seven bullets, begins in April.

Michael Haddad, who is considering running for a County Legislature seat representing Jamestown, said he’s surprised by the attention his brother’s story has garnered. He’s also grateful for the donations.

“Within the first week I think we raised a couple thousand dollars,” he said. “But once people found the website we raised almost $18,000 within a 24-hour period. That is what has been most humbling.

“A lot of the donations are from unemployed people donating $5. They’re telling me, ‘Here take this. This is all I have.'”

Michael Haddad stressed his donation campaign is not about gun rights, although he believes his brother would make a great spokesman on the subject.

“I always tell him he is the poster man for gun rights,” he said. “If you wanted someone to stand up and shoulder the weight, he’s the guy.”

Injured special forces soldier arrested in upstate NY for possession of high capacity ammunition magazines

Posted by  Associate Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 2:15pm

While the prosecutors in D.C. decide whether to charge David Gregory, another example of how the laws against possession of high capacity ammunition magazines are applied to the little people is unfolding in upstate New York, as reported by The Watertown Daily Times, Injured veteran arrested in weapons investigation (h/t

Is there a “David Gregory Clause” in the New York Gun Law?

Posted by   Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 3:50pm

We have a Gun Class Project ongoing to try to unravel the 39-page gun law passed and signed into law this week.  It is a very complicated Bill, to put it mildly.

One thing I just noticed…

(One thing we’ve noticed is there are some words that should be freely and often associated with this mess, words like: Arbitrary, capricious, convoluted, heavy-handed, oppressive, tyrannical, and violative!, all thanks to NY’s Nomenklatura)

Crowd Funding: County 4-H Dinner Benefits New Endowment Fund

February 18, 2013 By Eric Tichy (etichy@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

GERRY – The Chautauqua County 4-H program further fueled its new endowment fund Sunday during its second annual benefit dinner at the Gerry Rodeo Grounds.

Proceeds from the event will go toward funding a $2 million endowment through the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. The benefit dinner was the first of many fundraisers to help the youth development group reach its 2017 deadline in order to stay independent of county and state support.


The 4-H is a fine organization and has very admirable goal set forth. Wwe strongly encourage the public who have the means to support their efforts – “in order to stay independent of county and state support” !

Blue Star Mothers to send Easter Care Packages to troops

February 13, 2013 The OBSERVER

BLUE STAR FAMILYuntitledThe Lake Erie New York Chapter 4 of the Blue Star Mothers is grateful for the community’s support shown during its Christmas Care Package Project. The 435 boxes, including many that were sent to Afghanistan, arrived on time for Christmas and were immensely appreciated by the military. The Blue Star Mothers have received many thank-you notes, and each note has expressed how much the boxes meant to them and how much their spirits were lifted by receiving them, often asking to relay this thanks to the community. The group is now beginning to collect for its annual Easter Care Package Project. Again, the Blue Star Mothers are asking the community for support in the form of donations of items to fill these boxes or money to cover postage. Check area legions, churches and businesses for a Blue Star Mother box to drop items into. Those who are unable to find a collection box and would like to donate may contact the organization at bluestarmothersny4@yahoo.com.

The Blue Star Mothers are also looking for cards and letters from the community to add to these boxes. Any local scout troop, Sunday School group, classroom or other group that would like to make cards or write letters thanking men and women who are serving and wish them a “Happy Easter” can contact the Blue Star Mothers at the above email address. The club will make arrangements to collect them and include them in the boxes. The Blue Star Mothers will be packing and mailing the Easter care packages at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 2, at the Zion Lutheran Church, 45 Falconer St., Frewsburg. Donations may also be dropped off at the church from 9 to 11 a.m. that day.

If anyone has the address of a deployed military member that they would like the Blue Star Mothers to add to our list, please email it to the address above. Any support for postage costs can be sent to: Blue Star Mothers NY 4, PO Box 162, Westfield, N.Y. 14787.

Pennies 4 paws campaign under way

February 14, 2013 The OBSERVER

JAMESTOWN –  The Chautauqua County Hu-mane Society has launched its 8th annual Pennies 4 Paws campaign. The campaign encourages county individuals, schools, organizations and businesses to participate by selling paper paws for $1 each and/or displaying a collection container. This year CCHS is hoping to raise 17 million pennies in order to help with the escalating expense of basic care and medical costs for homeless animals in the county.

According to Roxanne Wendling, CCHS Com-munity Relations Director, “We kick off on Lincoln’s Birthday in honor of the penny and conduct the campaign until the end of April. People of all ages and from all walks of life respond very readily and happily participate. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a real difference. One dollar will feed a small dog in our shelter for six days and a large dog for three. Seven dollars can provide a microchip and spay/neuter costs for CCHS start at $35 dollars and go up from there. A pet receives on average about $25 in vaccinations.

For more information on helping with the Pennies 4 Paws campaign, call 665-2209, ext 213 or email to rwendling@spcapets.com.


CHRISTmas IsaiahCHRISTmas John

christmas 2012

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To the American Jewish, our friends the Israeli’s, and all Jewish people around the world, a few of whom our dear friends – Happy Hanukkah to all.

Blue Star Mothers seeking donations

BLUE STAR FAMILYuntitledThis holiday season, tens of thousands of soldiers in the U.S. military are spending Christmas away from their families, some for the first time. The Blue Star Mothers Lake Erie New York Chapter 4 are working to make this season a little less difficult, primarily for soldiers deployed overseas. As they have done in the past, the mothers are working to get care packages together for the soldiers to receive in time for the holidays.

“We are having a collection right now for items,” said Susan Rowley, president. “We are sending Christmas care packages on December 1.” In addition to collecting items, the Blue Star Mothers are also collecting names and addresses of local soldiers who will be deployed this holiday season. “We can only get the addresses from family and friends that have them that would submit them to us,” Rowley said.

HELPING THE CAUSE – Each box the Blue Star Mothers send out will be filled. Because they send flat-rate boxes out, weight is not an issue. However, because of the size of the boxes, to ship each one costs more than $13. The Blue Star Mothers will be accepting monetary donations to help with shipping costs. Money could also be helpful to purchase additional necessary items.

Some of the most necessary items include travel size hand sanitizer; baby wipes; Ziploc bags of all sizes; toothpaste; tissues; eye drops; beef jerky; sunflower seeds; nuts; Little Smokeys sausages; gum; hard candy; paperback books, particularly mystery, fiction, fantasy and non-fiction; magazines, especially sport, outdoor, car, truck audio and electronics; puzzles; games; and video tape television shows, such as CSI, Survivor and football games.

However, because the deployed can have long stretches of down time, other more fun items are also appreciated. ALSO, A no-cost way to help is to simply write a letter or a card to a soldier.

All items may be dropped off at SKF Falconer; Zion Lutheran Church Frews-burg; Trinity United Metho-dist Church Frewsburg; RHJ Elementary school Frewsburg; Frewsburg High School; James Prendergast Library; Fenton Historical Society; Fluvanna Com-munity Church; Lakeside Bible Chapel; Gateway Center; BOCES A building office; BOCES E building office; BOCES Criminal Jus-tice Program; JCC Business Office; Snap Fitness Center at both locations; Gerry United Methodist Church; Bemus Point United Metho-dist Church; County Build-ings in Mayville at the Main entrance in the Gerace Building and HRC Building; District Attorney’s Office in County Courthouse; Pine Valley elementary school; Starbucks in Jamestown; Shults Service Center on Fluvanna ave; The Clip Joint Barber shop on Fluvanna ave; Reid’s Motor Sports on N. Main St Jamestown; Kiantone Congregational Church; Harley Davidson of Jamestown; Frewsburg Le-gion; Neckers Co General Store in Clymer; Bakery and Deli at Fluvanna Avenue Plaza; Westfield American Legion; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mayville; Levant Church; Ag Center; Brocton Hotel; and the ILS Vet-eran’s Club in Jamestown.

Donations will be collected Wednesday and Thurs-day at most locations, but will be accepted at the Kiantone Congregational Church until the boxes are packed Saturday. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Rowley at 569-5334 or by emailing bluestarmothersny4@yahoo.com.

Doing Good

Area Volunteers Begin Red Kettle Campaign

November 26, 2012 By Gavin Paterniti (gpaterniti@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

Noah Larson is pictured here standing outside of Wal-Mart on Friday. Noah, along with his mother, Heidi, make volunteering for The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign an annual tradition. / Chris Emley and his children, including Alicyn, who was operating a Red Kettle and representing the DeMarco Sisters School of Dance, are pictured inside the Chautauqua Mall on Friday. P-J photos by Gavin Paterniti

LAKEWOOD – The sound of ringing bells fills the air, the red kettles are hanging in front of storefronts and the holiday season is upon us.

Every Christmas season, community members can find the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign in full effect as they go about their shopping. The campaign is an opportunity for people to embrace the spirit of giving through cash donations being placed in each red kettle. The campaign and its donation process are due to a long-standing tradition that, according to the Salvation Army’s website, has extended for more than a century.

The Red Kettle campaign was begun in San Francisco by Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee in 1891. McFee, distraught over so many poor and hungry San Franciscans, resolved to provide Christmas dinners to the destitute and poverty-stricken.

From his time spent as a sailor in Liverpool, England, he recalled people at Stage Landing flinging coins into an iron kettle called “Simpson’s Pot” with the proceeds going to help the poor. McFee set up his own kettle at San Francisco’s Oakland Ferry Landing with a sign reading “Keep the Pot Boiling.” Within six years, the kettle concept had spread to the Boston area on the east coast. Today, McFee’s Red Kettle campaign assists more than 4.5 million people across the U.S. during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

On Friday, many local volunteers took time out of their day to ring those famous bells and kindly accept donations from generous shoppers. Up and down Lakewood’s Fairmount Avenue, several red kettles could be seen by passers-by. According to Marlene, a volunteer in front of Brigiotta’s Farmland Produce, the Red Kettle campaign is a way to give back to the community.

“I (volunteer) because it helps people and (the donated money) all stays in the community,” she said. “People are in need and it’s sad with the economy the way it is. I’ve been doing this for about five years now and on Christmas Eve, my husband and I both do it together. About two years ago, I challenged myself to do it outside and, believe it or not, it’s not too bad. I was here (at Brigiotta’s) one year during a freak blizzard, but it’s worth it.”

For some, volunteering for Red Kettle is part of a family tradition. At Wal-Mart, Heidi Larson and her son, Noah, were running a kettle that was sponsored by Shults Auto Group. “We do this every year because it’s for a good cause,” said Noah. “It has special meaning for us because it helps other people in other ways.” “It’s something we do as a family,” said Heidi. “Usually my other two sons are with us and sometimes they’ll be at one place and we’ll be at another, but it’s something that we do together. It’s an easy way to help out. And people have been very generous, it’s very encouraging.”

Some volunteer through an organization. Chris Emley and his daughter Alicyn were at the Chautauqua Mall representing the DeMarco Sisters School of Dance, of which Alicyn is a member. “The Salvation Army lets (the school of dance) use their big room for cheer and they had a signup for people to give back so we decided to do that,” said Chris. “This is (Alicyn’s) first year in cheer so this is our first year of doing it through them. We’ve been shocked by how generous people are. We’ve been here about 20 minutes and I would say we’ve made about $15 so far.”

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign is now in its 122nd consecutive year. The national goal for this year’s campaign is $3 million. To learn more about the campaign, start a new kettle or to make an online donation, visit: www.onlineredkettle.org.

A Helping Hand

Toys For Tots Distribution Begins; Thousands Of Toys Collected

December 17, 2012 By Eric Tichy (etichy@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

Toys for Tots volunteers are pictured Sunday preparing to give away toys collected as part of the 2012 Toys for Tots drive. P-J photo by Eric Tichy

Thousands of children will receive a toy this year thanks to the county’s annual Toys For Tots drive.

In fact, volunteers this year expect more families will benefit from the charitable nonprofit group established and run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

“We had a ton of people here to pick up toys,” said Terri Johnson, Toys for Tots coordinator, on Sunday inside the group’s 210 Cherry St. location in the city of Jamestown.

Johnson, who has been volunteering for the last 13 years, said over 2,000 applications for toys had been received this year. However, she expects approximately 500 or more last-second applications early in the week – pushing the annual total just over its average.  More…

Help The Needy Through Charity

November 23, 2012  The Post-Journal

Starting last night and continuing on ito today, many in our area are diving head-first into the Christmas shopping season, after having spent Thanksgiving day reflecting on more blessings than they can count.

But for those who may have spent Thanksgiving without the bounty many of us enjoyed, Black Friday could be just another reminder that the coming holidays won’t be all they would wish for themselves and their families.

At many stores and shopping centers, volunteers at booths, collection kettles or large donation boxes will provide plenty of ways for shoppers to give what may be a little to them – but will mean a lot to the less fortunate. Several organizations and some businesses mount special campaigns to help the needy during the holidays, with everything from toys for the children to delicious holiday meals.

Keep these campaigns in mind over the next few weeks. If you have saved a bundle on gifts for your own friends and family, consider placing some of that extra cash into a Salvation Army red kettle or giving it to another charitable organization.

If an angel-tree type program is available in your area, take a name from it and include that person – perhaps a child – in your Christmas shopping plan. If you find a must-have toy at a great price, buy one or two extras and hand them off to a group dedicated to making youngsters’ holidays bright.

Organizations and businesses all over our area give us a chance, year after year, to help the less fortunate. They make it easy and convenient for us to share the love and kindness that is supposed to define the season.

They’ve done all the hard work, but they can’t complete the job without the smallest of efforts from us. Please help.

Red Cross ready, willing to help

November 25, 2012 The OBSERVER

AP photo A U.S. flag is draped amid rubble left by a fire during Superstorm Sandy at Breezy Point in the Queens borough of New York.


The American Red Cross has joined with national and state partners to undertake a massive response to Hurricane Sandy, with a mission to prevent further human suffering and to alleviate any suffering that is still occurring.

For the Southwestern New York Chapter this response began the Wednesday prior to the storm, when we began coordinating with local government and community partners to prepare shelters in the event that flooding should occur anywhere in the north, central, or southern parts of our county. We identified 10 standby shelters, alerted our local volunteers, and pre-positioned equipment.

On the night of the storm we opened and staffed a shelter at Silver Creek Central School as the creek began to rise. Local volunteers Charlie Meder, Mary Walker, Patty Hartinger, Jeanie Shiffer, and Fran Heath were on hand throughout the night to provide shelter, food, and other support to anyone who might need it. Fortunately, no evacuations were required and, locally at least, we began to breathe a sigh of relief.

By the next day, however, we had begun to see the impact of this storm on the coast.  The mobilization and deployment of our volunteers, which had begun before the storm, kicked into high gear again. Our local and regional Chapter organizations worked tirelessly to move over 30 volunteers from Western New York (11 from right here in SWNY) to the affected areas.  I was one of those who volunteered to help, and was immediately told to depart for the Greater New York area.

By the afternoon of Nov. 1, I found myself hard at work in a shelter in Deer Park, Long Island, where we had over 120 clients residing. I spent six days there, and then moved with our clients and staff to a larger shelter about 20 miles away.

This shelter now has nearly 200 clients and the staff members required to support them, and we are also providing meals, snacks, water and other drinks, health services, and mental health services to those affected, many of whom have lost everything.

The stories our clients tell are all different, yet in some ways they are all the same. They all involve loss; in some cases the loss of cherished routines and a sense of security, in others the loss of all material possessions and any sense of connection to the community, or even to the world.

The best thing that we as Red Cross volunteers do is listen to people, hear their stories, talk to them, provide what additional support we can, and in the end, just lend a shoulder to lean on.

Getting supplies, meals, and water to those affected by this storm is the top priority, and the numbers tell an amazing story about this effort.

As of Nov. 8 we have deployed 5,800 trained Red Cross disaster responders to operations from Virginia to Rhode Island, with the majority in Greater New York and New Jersey. We have provided more than 61,000 overnight stays in more than 250 shelters, served over 3.3 million meals and snacks, and distributed more than 124,000 clean-up kits and hygiene kits. Your help is urgently needed to ensure we can continue our relief efforts. If you can, I ask that you do just two things:

Donate money to your local Chapter (325 E. Fourth St., Jamestown, NY 14701), or to www.redcross.org or to 1-800-redcross, or text the word “redcross” to 90999.  Your money will support our disaster relief operations, both locally and during national response events.

Donate blood.  Hurricane Sandy has caused the cancellation of hundreds of blood drives throughout the northeast, and this has had an impact on our national blood supply. Whether it is here in Chautauqua County, at your grandchild’s college in the Midwest, or at your favorite vacation spot in the South, you never know when you may need Red Cross blood should you or your loved ones encounter a medical emergency.

Help us keep the nation’s blood supply at the required levels by donating today.  To find the nearest blood drive, please call us at 664-5115, or go to www.redcross.org and click on “give blood.”

Bill Tucker is the executive director of the American Red Cross of Southwestern New York, a trained Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteer, and a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor. He deployed to the Greater New York area on Oct. 31 as part of the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

A wonderful example, Bless their hearts, thankful for A Giving Family

 T.K. Ribbing’s Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

November 23, 2012 By Dusten Rader (drader@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

Area residents and volunteers join Steve Ribbing, owner of T.K. Ribbing’s Family Restaurant in Falconer, in a moment of prayer before serving Thanksgiving meals. P-J photo by Dusten Rader

For the past 17 years T.K. Ribbing’s Family Restaurant in Falconer has brought friends and family together to celebrate a Thanksgiving tradition of fellowship and full bellies.

Area residents gathered at T.K. Ribbing’s Family Restaurant on Thursday to enjoy a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. The event is hosted each year by Steve Ribbing, owner, his wife Kay, and volunteers from all over the Chautauqua County community.

T.K. Ribbing’s Family Restaurant is located at 153 W. Main St. in Falconer. For more information call 665-3474 or email tkribbings@hotmail.com.

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