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Support NRG Repowering – Contact The PSC Now

By Todd J. Tranum  – President and CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce & Executive director of the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier

In order for the project to move forward, the Public Service Commission must vote to allow the NRG repowering.  This is a time for all businesses and residents in Chautauqua County to make their voices heard on this issue.  Please write to the PSC now.  You can send support letters to:  Chairman Garry A. Brown & Acting Secretary Jeffrey Cohen, NYS Public Service Commission, Agency Bldg. 3, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223.  Please reference Case # 12-E-0577.  In addition, you may send comments and concerns to Hon. Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York State, Executive Chamber, NYS Capitol, Albany, NY 12224.  If you prefer to email, you can find a link directly to the PSC’s comment page for this case on the Chamber’s website at www.chautauquachamber.org.  Thank you.

Senator Young requests local hearing on NRG

New York State Sen. Catharine Young has filed a request with the state’s Public Service Commission that it hold a hearing in the local area on the future of the NRG Dunkirk plant and its repowering proposal.

“It is only right that the members of the community that are directly impacted by these proposals be given a voice in this critical matter, and granted a hearing with those making the decisions,” Young wrote PSC Chairman Garry A. Brown. “Therefore, I request that you arrange to have at least one public hearing in Dunkirk or its immediate surrounding area as soon as possible, within the timeframe of the 45-day public comment period…

“We’ve got a lot of comments and support. I know the 4,000 people who signed the petition was really wonderful. We did send the signatures to the Public Service Commission just to show them the broad depth of support for the repowering project, but even if people signed a petition it still would be very helpful for people to send in their own letter also.”

Letters may be sent to: Chairman Garry A. Brown and Acting Secretary Jeffrey Cohen, NYS Public Service Commission Agency Bldg. 3, Empire State Plaza Albany, NY 12223. Be sure to refer to case number 12-E-0577.

Public comments and letters may also be submitted to the PSC online by going to documents.dps.ny.gov/public/Comments/PublicComments.aspx?MatterCaseNo=12-E-0577.

Read the full articles on our OCDB issues page here.


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Considering our last post, now reflect on this stat. Not only does our county school spending fall into this highest in the nation trend, but in fact many of our schools spending is even higher yet, a full 100% higher than the national average or more! Now you may say we have some good schools in our county, sure, but at what cost considering that the results they produce may be better then some, but certainly aren’t a 100% better than any of them. If you want to go and research what all this spending gets us, sadly you’ll find in most categories that the results are only average.

NY number-one in school spending — again

May 21, 2013 E.J. McMahon
While voters across New York go to polls to determine the fate of proposed school district budgets, the Census Bureau has just released its annual breakdown of public school spending. As of 2010-11, New York once again topped the list, at $19,076 per pupil — a whopping 81 percent above the national average of $10,560 per pupil. The gulf between the Empire State and the national spending average has widened from 63 percent as of 2005-06.

Reflecting an economic and fiscal pinch in the wake of the recession, total public education spending in the United States actually declined in 2011 for the first time since the Census Bureau began collecting annual data in 1977, the Bureau reported. But New York bucked that trend, increasing spending by $458 per pupil, or 2.5 percent.


In other news:

Brocton, Westfield OK merger plan  for vote May 22, 2013 Good move as “both sides” overwhelmingly support moving forward.

Bemus Point Budget Fails May 22, 2013 Although close, good for those voters who prevailed. All other budgets in the south county schools passed.

Approved! May 22, 2013 In the north county, all the schools budgets passed. One thing you can gleen from article and the one preceeding, as usual, is what a pathetic voter turn out in most districts for such an important issue.

Now look at this Post-journal Poll results so far today:

Are you happy with the way your school district manages its budget?

  1. Yes 25%
  2. No 75%

How ironic! Guess a lot of you “no” votes didn’t bother to cast a real vote yesterday huh?

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Pro-2A: March on Albany May 21st. Repeal the UnSAFE Act now!!! (updated-Bus info)Pro-2A: March on Albany May 21st. Repeal the UnSAFE Act now!!! (updated-Bus info)

Posted on May 12, 2013 by 2ND AMENDMENT DEFENSE-NY


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Wed, Feb 27, 2013 – 6:30pm – Chaut County Legislature Meeting, Mayville.

Be there. / Contact your Legislators here.

Demand they pass resolution objecting to and calling for repeal of NY SAFE Act !

County map

Now 28 Counties say NO to NY SAFE Act, with resolutions pending in 22 more.!

Counties that have PASSED Resolutions to Oppose the SAFE Act: Cattaraugus, Erie, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, Livingston, Madison, Niagara, Oneida, Orange, Orleans, Oswego, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Schoharie, St Lawrence, Schoharie, Steuben, Tioga, Ulster, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates.
Get the most updated information on County Resolutions opposing the SAFE Act, those pending, and check out the map  here: NY SAFE Resolutions





REPEAL CUOMO GUN LAWS / Sign Assemblyman DiPietro’s Petition

SIGN ASSEMBLYMAN KATZ’S PETITION TO Protect our Second Amendment Rights and Proper Legislative Procedure


Keep The Date Open ~FEB 28, 2013~ Albany ~ Join Us

NYSRPANew York State Rifle & Pistol Association

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Lobby Day and Rally

Click Here For More Information!

More supporters: RSVP and info here, on Facebook. There a few seats left on the 2A Coalition of WNY’s bus — email Ashleigh at 2ACoalition@gmail.com or call (716)539-9092.  Alternately, contact SCOPE.  OR Click below \/

Feb 28, 2013 – Albany – Lobby Day & Rally for our 2A Rights! Protest the NY SAFE bad Act. – Info.Feb 28, 2013 – Albany – Lobby Day & Rally for our 2A Rights! Protest the NY SAFE bad Act. – Info.

see bottom of post for individual counties, contacts, buses, ect. KEEP THE DATE OPEN FEBRUARY 28, 2013 Click Here For More Information! February 28th  NYSPRA 5th Annual Lobby Day & Rally Thursday, February 28 from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The Well of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). FEB 28TH ALBANY!! UNITE FOR OUR RIGHTS! SCOPE is … Continue reading »

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Sat., Feb 23rd – National Day of Resistance in defense of our 2A Rights!


PRO-2A Rally Set For Sat., Chaut County, Frewsburg, NY!

  • Facebook Tell a friend / Share on Twitter
  • Saturday, February 23, 2013 Noon-4:00 PM
  • Frewsburg Blue Building, Station 2, Hazzard ST, Frewsburg, NY(map)
  • A gun appreciation rally will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday in the Frewsburg Blue Building, Station 2, Hazzard Street, Frewsburg. Guest speakers will include Andrew Goodell, New York state assemblyman; Jacqueline Chiarot, for U.S. Congressman Tom Reed; New York State Sen. Cathy Young’s representative; and Stephen Aldstadt of S.C.O.P.E. Inc. Tables will feature Rod and Gun clubs, Shooting groups, Veterans groups, Trapping organizations and Political action groups.


Feb 28th The NYS Rifle-Pistol Association Lobby Day and Rally in Albany, be there!

Sign these NY Petitions in defense of our 2nd Amendment Rights!

Read up on, and support the, lawsuits against the SAFE Act!

Read up on the dozens of County Legislatures resolutions demanding repeal, and urge ours to do the same!


by Jorge Amselle “No other group would put up with this type of treatment”

NY Report: Prosecutors to pursue felony charges against ex-soldier  for possessing high-capacity magazine (No weapons, no ammunition, no threats or crime, just empty magazines to potentially turn a person into a felon facing years in prison? Outrageous!)

Politics | Patrick Howley
Nathan-HaddadNew York prosecutors will pursue felony criminal charges against  retired special forces soldier Nathan Haddad, who was arrested in LeRay, New  York in January for allegedly possessing five 30-round AR-15 magazines,  according to conservative law blog Legal Insurrection.

Prosecutors had reportedly offered Haddad a plea bargain that would spare him  jail time if he admitted to five misdemeanors, according to Legal Insurrection.  But Haddad’s attorney told the blog that Haddad, who currently works at the  Department of Defense, will not accept the deal.

Haddad was deployed four times during his ten-year Army career, and was  once injured during special forces training in South Korea. He was  discharged in October 2010.

A website established to pay Haddad’s legal expenses has  collected more than $35,000.

In January, “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory displayed a  high-capacity magazine live on television, despite a warning from local police. But  prosecutors in Washington, D.C. — where, unlike New York, the offense is merely  a misdemeanor — declined to press charges. (RELATED  OPINION: Apparently, gun laws don’t apply to David Gregory)

Nathan is a decorated soldier who has been recognized for his community service in helping other veterans.  (More on Haddad here.)

Jamestown Resident Raising Funds For Brother’s Defense

February 15, 2013 By Eric Tichy (etichy@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

A decorated combat veteran and Chautauqua County native has made national headlines after being arrested a month ago for possessing empty 30-round magazines. His brother is now lending a hand.

The arrest and subsequent charges come after New York state recently placed further limits on the number of bullets held in a magazine.

Nathan Haddad is facing five felony counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon for the Jan. 6 arrest in LeRay by sheriff’s deputies. No weapons or ammunition were found in his vehicle, police said. The former combat veteran has a court appearance Wednesday in Jefferson County.

His brother, Michael Haddad, of Jamestown, is spearheading efforts to get those charges reduced. Through an online blog – gofundme .com – Michael has raised more than $38,000 for his brother’s counsel.

“When I found out he was arrested, it wasn’t about whether he committed a crime or not,” Michael Haddad told The Post-Journal. “The main thing for me was to get those charges reduced.

“My whole purpose is to make sure my brother has adequate funds to fight this thing. This isn’t about creating a debate about guns or the law. It’s about helping a disabled veteran.”

Nathan Haddad was a 12-year combat veteran in the U.S. Army before receiving a medical discharge in 2010. Michael Haddad also served in the Army.

Police said his possession of the Colt Manufacturing AR-15 rifle-style magazines violates current state law, passed in 1994, which limits the number of bullets in a magazine to 10. According to a police report from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Nathan Haddad was found in possession of the 30-round magazines by deputies at 5:41 p.m. on Steinhilber Road in LeRay.

Michael Haddad said he does not know what his brother was doing with the magazines at the time of his arrest.

The New York SAFE Act, which was recently signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and further limits magazines to seven bullets, begins in April.

Michael Haddad, who is considering running for a County Legislature seat representing Jamestown, said he’s surprised by the attention his brother’s story has garnered. He’s also grateful for the donations.

“Within the first week I think we raised a couple thousand dollars,” he said. “But once people found the website we raised almost $18,000 within a 24-hour period. That is what has been most humbling.

“A lot of the donations are from unemployed people donating $5. They’re telling me, ‘Here take this. This is all I have.'”

Michael Haddad stressed his donation campaign is not about gun rights, although he believes his brother would make a great spokesman on the subject.

“I always tell him he is the poster man for gun rights,” he said. “If you wanted someone to stand up and shoulder the weight, he’s the guy.”

Injured special forces soldier arrested in upstate NY for possession of high capacity ammunition magazines

Posted by  Associate Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 2:15pm

While the prosecutors in D.C. decide whether to charge David Gregory, another example of how the laws against possession of high capacity ammunition magazines are applied to the little people is unfolding in upstate New York, as reported by The Watertown Daily Times, Injured veteran arrested in weapons investigation (h/t

Is there a “David Gregory Clause” in the New York Gun Law?

Posted by   Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 3:50pm

We have a Gun Class Project ongoing to try to unravel the 39-page gun law passed and signed into law this week.  It is a very complicated Bill, to put it mildly.

One thing I just noticed…

(One thing we’ve noticed is there are some words that should be freely and often associated with this mess, words like: Arbitrary, capricious, convoluted, heavy-handed, oppressive, tyrannical, and violative!, all thanks to NY’s Nomenklatura)

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(Check out your license folks, they are quite secure as they are, this is wrong headed on the part of the State, and certainly this does nothing for the NYS economy by the way, $38 million of additional state spending – going to Canada!)

A License To Waste?

County Clerk Petitions Costly State Driver’s License Upgrade

November 25, 2012 By Liz Skoczylas (lskoczylas@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

MAYVILLE – A state decision to upgrade driver’s licenses for $88.5 million has county officials talking.

Recently, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles awarded a contract to the highest bidder – CBN Secure Technologies, a Canadian company – to produce new driver’s licenses. The bid is $38 million more than the second-highest bidder.

The reasoning behind this, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, is that the new licenses will be black-and-white photos that will safeguard against terrorists and identity thieves.

“The selected bid is a solid polycarbonate card impervious to alteration and it costs a little more per card,” said Howard Glaser, Cuomo’s director of state operations.

A petition drive throughout Chautauqua County has been initiated by Sandy Sopak, county clerk, to protest the bid.

“As soon as news broke, Chautauqua County residents expressed their outrage at what appears to be an exorbitant waste of taxpayer money. If there’s a legitimate reason for this award, the state hasn’t shared it with us,” Sopak said.

To give Chautauqua County residents a voice, the county clerk’s office is making petitions available throughout the county at each of the three DMV offices, as well as the office of the county clerk.

The bid is being reviewed by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, following formal protests and a lawsuit by the apparent losing bidders.

“According to the AP news report, the state comptroller’s office is reviewing the bid award and must make a determination before the award can be approved,” said Tracie Kaminski Haskin, deputy county clerk. “We don’t know how long that may take, so we are urging residents who oppose this award to visit one of our DMV offices in Jamestown, Mayville or Dunkirk and sign the petition as soon as possible.”

The county clerk’s office would like to get as many signatures to state representatives as possible, to ensure that the voice of the people is heard.

“Anyone unable to get to one of the offices may email me at haskint@co.chautauqua.ny.us their name and city of residence and it will be added to the list,” Kaminski Haskin said.

The driver’s license contract is part of the federal “Real ID” measure from the Department of Homeland Security to make licenses more secure. More states are expected to face similar contract decisions.

Additional information on the bid award can be found on the county clerk’s website at www.co.chautauqua.ny.us/departments/clerk.

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TUES NOV 6th: “Vote Tom Reed”

For us this contest is another stark contrast, and hands down, no contest, we support “Reed”

(update) PJ 11/1/12: Which congressional candidate would better represent the needs of Chautauqua County?

  1. Tom Reed
  2. Nate Shinagawa

And among all the important info to follow, Houghton, whose representation we greatly respected, sums it up:  Former Congressman Amo Houghton announced today he enthusiastically endorses Congressman Tom Reed in the House of Representatives for the 23rd Congressional District. Houghton, who represented New York’s 29th Congressional District from 1987-2005, expressed his strong support for Reed and urged voters to join him in electing Reed on Election Day: “I enthusiastically support Tom and endorse him for election,” Houghton said. “We need his practical, bipartisan approach. Tom is someone that we are, and can be, proud of.”

“It’s very humbling to have such great support from someone whom I respect so much,” Reed said. “Amo and I speak often and his advice is central to the way we approach representing people.”

Houghton’s statement comes just days after Reed was endorsed for election by the Buffalo News, which compared Reed favorably to another former Western New York Congressman, Jack Quinn. The endorsement praised Reed’s “passionate yet pragmatic approach to governing that is built on conservative principles yet is open to the possibility of compromise,” adding that Reed’s approach is something that the nation desperately needs.

The Buffalo News Endorsement – “We like his brand of Republicanism. It’s a passionate yet pragmatic approach to governing that is built on conservative principles yet is open to the possibility of compromise.” (It’s worth noting how remarkable it is that Reed did receive this endorsement as this same paper also endorsed Democrats Higgins and Hochul).

State Senator Cathy Young has endorsed Tom Reed for Congress in New York’s new 23rd Congressional District. “This election is of critical importance to the people of the Southern Tier,” said Senator Young. “Tom Reed’s commitment to private-sector job growth is what we need to move our region toward greater economic recovery. He is truly committed to reducing government spending, lowering taxes for our families and small businesses, and creating a business-friendly environment. With Tom Reed, we will have a strong and accessible voice in Washington.”


Endorsement: In new district, Reed is choice October 31, 2012 The OBSERVER

(It should also be noted that our County Editorials have also praised the fact that we were returned to our old Congressional District, and we couldn’t agree more. We were just some of many that advocated for such over the last couple years and couldn’t be happier that along with the redistricting came being represented by Tom Reed who on so many levels is doing an excellent job for us as a freshman, yet leader, in Congress.)

Reed Has Slight Edge Over Shinagawa October 31, 2012 The Post-Journal

…And so we urge voters to elect Tom Reed to Congress on Nov. 6.



Buffalo Niagara Partnership Announces 2012 Endorsements The Buffalo Niagara Partnership announced its 2012 election endorsements this morning. According to a statement, its endorsements were based on “candidates’ Unshackle Upstate Legislative Scorecards and support for fiscally sound budgets, important regional projects including UB2020, Proceeds, Roswell Park, and statewide issues like the property tax cap. In federal races, policy positions on national employer and economic development issues were closely examined, as well as astute understanding of and support for Buffalo Niagara-specific initiatives.” The Partnership’s endorsed candidates are: Tom Reed (R) – U.S. House of Representatives 23rd District, …

The Heritage Alliance (A Christian Values Org.) released their IVoterGuide.Scored Reed a “B” and his opponent Shinigawa a “F”. Among some of the findings, National Right to Life 100% Americans for Prosperity 100% Concerned Women for America 92% American Conservative Union 88%, Government unions scored him low – 0, Planned Parenthood 0, NRA gives him an “A” rating, while the Sierra Club endorsed his opponent.



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